My first look at Magnum Streetwise. The ultimate collection of Street Photography.

Stephen Mclaren gives us an intriguing vision of Magnum photographers and their street photography works.

There are irresistible offers on the Internet, some of these so convenient that, when you see a price reported on an object, for months in your wishlist, immediately take your credit card and with a satisfaction clearly visible on your face, you buy it, without remorses.

Magnum Streetwise was a good occasion. I saw the offer during Christmas Days. I thought was a good idea to buy this book, much quoted by street photography amateurs during these months, and also positively reviewed on Amazon.

I studied Magnum Photos history and its creators. Henri-Cartier Bresson is one of my favorites photographers. He has changed my life, opening my mind to the magical benefits of Street Photography. This book had to be bought.

Stephen Mclaren, the book’s editor, opens the volume with this important phrase:

The cornerstone of what is now known as street photography — the impulse to take candid, unrehearsed pictures in the public realm — has been part of Magnum’s DNA since its foundation in 1947.

Every single photographer do Street Photography. Even the most important authors in the world were influenced by this mania. The love for this genre is special.

My first look at this book left me a good sensation. I love Bruce Gilden’s cover. I was sure that this author would have been in this collection. His Street photography is iconic.

Another thing that I loved is his division into sections. Every section has a theme and insights about photographers and their works. It’s wonderful to see how different photographers treat a theme and how they interpret the moment in front of them. With this book, you can have a wide idea of this genre.

At the beginning of each chapter, Stephen asks photographers their idea of Street and when they started to do this genre. Their experience is basic, can help us to grow and to become better artists. Finding these contents in a volume, findable in a library, it’s rare.

I am still at the first pages, but I can already say you that this book is a great choice for everyone who loves this genre. I hope that I will catch every tip from this reading, and I hope that you will consider buying Magnum Streetwise in the future.

Ho 23 anni, una smodata passione per la fotografia e una sadica attrazione verso le imbarazzanti inconsuetudini della vita. Mi trovi pure The Street Rover.

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