My first hour on Mario Odyssey. What a game!

I tell you my first hour on Mario Odyssey: one of the best games on Nintendo Switch.

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If you have a Nintendo Switch, you have surely heard, at least once, of Super Mario Odyssey. The game, published by Nintendo in 2017, is the eighteenth chapter in the life of the most famous Italian plumber in the world. His fame precedes him, and Odyssey is considered, by critics and players, one of the best games for this platform. Today it is still the best-selling Mario game on Amazon and a coveted game for Nintendo lovers. Even if you don’t like Mario’s game series, you know the importance of this title.

Recently it put in a sale on eShop. I took immediately the opportunity. The gamers rule is:

If a game is put on sale, and it is on your wishlist, you must buy it. It is an inviolable pact with yourself.

So, I bought it, and I started my adventure in this new world.

My first hour on this game was incredible. The feeling with the keys is very good: you can roam freely around the map, thanks to the 3d system that supports the whole game, and the jumps variety, that permits you to reach, vertically and horizontally, each section of the ambient, even those further away.

The atmosphere threw me immediately in the story. Mario, as in many of his misadventures, must save Peach but have to find, firstly, a way to get to Bowser’s ship.

Cappy will come to his aid. Cappy is a magic hat of countless property: it can fly, hit enemies and take the control of some characters or objects. It will indispensable for Mario for all the rest of his adventure.

My first sensation, when I landed in the first world, was:

What a game! I haven’t started the adventure yet and I already love it!

Because all elements, around you, amaze you right away: starting to the uniqueness of each world, with his inhabitants and its atmospheres, until you get to the number of concrete things that you can do in every place.

You can collect the minimum number of stars, to change the world and get closer to Bowser, or stay for hours in the same place to win every minigame and get all the stars — if you are a Mario game lover you will choose the second, I know.

Variety is the second name of this game. Every enemy and every obstacle can be beaten with different methods. You have a lot of possibilities in your hands.

During your adventure, you can use the system’s sensors, to command some function of Mario, like in Mario Galaxy, or playing normally with the with keys. There is no wrong, or right way, to play your personal story.

Screenshot from Horace. Source: Gianluca De Dominici.

The sensations proved to by first hours of gaming are indescribable. The game is so playable, funny and varied to make me put aside other titles like Assasin’s Creed (and I love this!).

I love especially the graphic compart. It’s very curated and inspired. Every element, even the tiniest, has his role. Nothing, in the screen, was put there by case.

I don’t know that it is possible to consider this game a masterpiece. What is certain is that I have not enjoyed this so in a long time, with a game, since a was a teenager. Can’t wait to finish it.

Mario and Cappy’s adventure merits to be played.

Ho 23 anni, una smodata passione per la fotografia e una sadica attrazione verso le imbarazzanti inconsuetudini della vita. Mi trovi pure The Street Rover.

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